A Reddit user with a throwaway account by the name of “JayZEverythingIsBlue” has shared a Jay-Z snippet for a new track titled “Everything Is Blue.” The snippet sounds legit, but with April Fools Day just coming to an end we’re questioning the authenticity of it. The audio quality is very poor, and it’s hard to make out what Hov is saying, but take a listen and decide for yourself if this is real or fake.

If real “Everything Is Blue” samples “My World Is…” from Below The Heavens.

The mysterious Reddit user also claims Hov has a new album coming out soon (very soon, before Kanye), and here is some track titles from the project which he provided.

Price of a Soul ft. Hozier

Everything is Blue

Lord Hova

Nina (Feat. Rick Ross)

Again, this could all be fake.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 7.05.06 PM

UPDATE: Removed at the request of the RIAA.