Hov & Yeezy debut a new video for “No Church In The Wild”. It’s been almost a year since Jay-Z & Kanye West released their stellar album Watch The Throne, but the two aren’t done with the project just yet. Today Jay-Z and Kanye West share the video for one of the album’s stand out tracks “No Church In The Wild” featuring Frank Ocean. The video was shot in Prague and directed by Romain Gravas, who is known for directing M.I.A.‘s powerful video “Born Free” as well as “Bad Girls“.

Powerful imagery indeed.

Kanye West‘s sound engineer Mike Dean recently revealed in an interview that Jay-Z & Kanye West are planning on doing Watch The Throne 2. This comes as surprising news because Jay-Z in recent interviews from the day of his Made In America Festival press conference, he said he was taking time off musically to be a Dad.