Amongst the recent controversy facing Jay-Z and his 2013 Holiday collaboration collection with Barney‘s, Hov has decided to continue expanding his product line with his Gold fragrance for men. Gold is to be released in Barney‘s stores on November 20th before a huge nationwide release on the 29th to another 2,000+ stores. Jay has never been one to put all his eggs in one basket so it’s no surprise that he’d take the lead of many celebrities before him and start urging his fans to “smell” like him. Although, I’m pretty sure the only thing Hov smells like is money. These celebrity-scents usually do extremely well with consumers since they mentally feel that it will help transcend them to celebrity status…or whatever. Personally, I prefer my dudes to wear a real cologne, like Suavage, Yves Saint Laurent Homme, Kouros etc.

What do YOU wear?

Read the press release and see the packaging for the product below.

“From the beginning of recorded history gold has been associated with royalty, purity and strength.

Gold is precious and valuable, a standard by which the value of other things are measured. As expressed in the gilded cap, GOLD JAY Z symbolizes SUCCESS, POWER, CONFIDENCE, COURAGE, STRENGTH and PRIDE.

Everything JAY Z touches turns to GOLD.”