Jay-Z X Tidal “B-Sides”

On May 13, 2015 in New York City, Jay-Z will perform at an exclusive Tidal event dubbed B-Sides. The live show will consist of Jay-Z performing album cuts and tracks he rarely performs at his normal shows. Basically, Hov will be performing the “B-Sides” of his career.

The event will be live streamed exclusively on Jay-Z‘s controversial Tidal music streaming service which will cost $20 per month if you want to watch…unless you still haven’t used your 30-day free trial.

The location of Jay-Z X Tidal‘s B-Sides is currently unknown, and if you want to go you must be an active member of Tidal. You will have to share a Jay-Z playlist you created with the streaming service on social media complete with the #TIDALXJAYZ hashtag. You can create your playlist now and get to sharing it on social media, but it doesn’t guarantee you a ticket. Submissions will be considered and winners will be picked May 8.