To celebrate the release of his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay-Z took to his S_C_ Twitter account and answered a large number of fan’s questions.

After the break read all of Jay-Z‘s answers to questions from fans like you, about topics that fans like you wanted an answer for.

@BrianFagioli: Why do I care that you wear Tom Ford? I wear Hanes pocket t-shirts…should I write a song about it?

Jay-Z: YES. *My Laugh*

@Aqua1746h: Wait, isn’t poaching elephant tusks illegal, though? #Oceans #MagnaCarta

Jay-Z: Yeah, so is lying about American history but, I def digress. *My Laugh*

@JeffNassar: The Nirvana sample on Holy Grail was a sweet touch Hov.

Jay-Z: Why thanx good man.

@_VintageVisual: LOOOOOOLLL who is in charge of Jay-Z’s tweets????? I am dying right now *Jay-Z laugh

Jay-Z: Well I am of course..FACTS only..

@Skighwalker: Memphis Bleek is running Jay-Z’s Twitter right now or nah?

Jay-Z: You ARE worthy.

@BradGilmore: The fact that Jay-Z can tweet something and then put *mylaugh is the greatest thing on earth.

Jay-Z: Facts only.

@OhSoZeee: Jay Z is responding to the most random tweets right now.

Jay-Z: Word, my laugh.

@LincolnBowman2: What producer made the Big L Jay-Z 7 minute freestyle from 95?

Jay-Z: It was a freestyle on Stretch and Bobbito. Facts only.

@LucaBrasi718: What Beyonce say to you after this?

Jay-Z: ”Doing all sorts of twisted shit with your fingers” #mylaugh

@LosOD: If Jesus loves me, jayz will respond to my tweet.

Jay-Z: Jesus loves you..and Hova and Yeesus.

@anthonyandmore4h: I have nothing to ask Jay-Z .
Jay-Z: You win for honesty. #FactsOnly

@Curly______Girl4hEvery time Jay – Z writes [My laugh] I picture him with his characteristic laugh and I’m dying of love <3

@JasFly: There’s something creepy about Jay-Z tweeting.
Jay-Z: And now you know how I feel everyday. #MyLaugh

@Timberflake27: Mr. Jay z what’s your favorite cereal?
Jay-Z: Cap’N Crunch growing up. I haven’t had cereal in a bit #FactsOnly

@michaelhayes4h: Jay-Z is the new king of weird Twitter. [facts only]
Jay-Z: 140 characters in these streets.

@BLAZNBEAUTY3h: I wonder why Jay Z actually responding to tweets?
Jay-Z: Great question..I don’t have a great response #FactsOnly