Thump Johnson no more.

During a recent interview, Jeremih announced that his new album will now be titled Late Nights: The Album.

The project serves as a sequel to his last body of work released in 2012 (Late Nights mixtape) and speaking on the title he says:

“The last body of work I put out was Late Nights,” said Jeremih. “I still feel like how I was feeling when I recorded that. I was traveling, up late nights, recording all the time. It just felt like every record was catering to… I imagined if it was a big bed in the club, everybody would be in one big ass orgy off of all the songs [on the LP]. My first two albums I was making sad songs. I don’t feel like that no more. I was in a relationship then. I’m single as hell right now. You’re getting the best of my last single years.” [Laughs]

You can pick up Jeremih‘s Late Nights: The Album on September 30th. The first single “Don’t Tell Em” is dominating radio.