Remember how the last two years were filled with talk of a Dipset reunion album? Me too. But by the day, the actual product seems less likely to happen. But why won’t it happen? I personally don’t know. At times I thought it was definitely on the way, especially when the rumors of Dipset’s signing to Interscope happened and we heard the reunion song “Salute.”

It seems like every member of Dipset is on board and flooding the internet with their new solo material, every member except Juelz Santana. Jim Jones and Cam’ron have released several songs collaborating in 2011 and Juelz was nowhere to be found on those tracks. It’s kind of upsetting, because I am a fan of Juelz and would love to hear him working with the rest of his team.

Anyhow, Jim Jones is continuing to do his own thing with a new collaboration with his other crew, Byrd Gang. Here is the gun toting, model showcasing new visual for “Red Rum / P*ssy.”