Don’t Harass Joe Budden, He Will Run After You

Social media is buzzing about a situation that took place out front of Joe Budden‘s home. Sunday, July 24th, Drake fans ran up on the “Pump It Up” rapper outside of his house while he was parking his car screaming Drake’s “No Shopping” verse in a disrespectful manner. Joe Budden chased the kids away, and everything was captured and uploaded to social media.

After the short clip went viral, the Drake fans began taunting Joe Budden on Twitter and posted pictures of him running after their car. The picture instantly went viral, with many people making jokes like the one below.

Later, Joe Budden responded with a video of his own showing what really went down. Joey chased after the Drake fans and when he caught up with the kids they started screaming how sorry they are for harassing him.

Joe Budden later deleted the video.

After the kids saw Joe Budden’s video, they uploaded a video they recorded of what went down from their point of view. Joe Budden approaches their car and can be seen banging on the windows while holding rocks. The kids plead for their lives saying they’re sorry behind the locked doors.

After the videos broke the internet, the kids who obviously want social media fame really bad started threatening Joe Budden on Twitter. They went back to his house acting like they wanted a fight. Instead, the kids just made themselves look more like fools, as they stood outside screaming Drake lyrics again and when they saw Joey, they ran away, again.