Joe Budden‘s internet soldiers were definitely ready for the release of Slaughterhouse‘s Shady Records debut Welcome To: Our House. One Joe Budden mega fan in particular decided to purchase a few copies and give them away in LA. In this clip watch as Joe Budden fan @HoinkDouglas drops off a copy at Starbucks, Plan Parenthood and even takes a copy to Joe Budden‘s first major label Def Jam and leaves a copy to their receptionist with a note addressing their HNIC, saying: “You thought Budden was done after his debut, so he’s debuting again!” Absolutely hilarious.

For some unknown reason, Joe Budden currently has his fan @HoinkDouglas blocked on Twitter. Unblock Hoink, Joey! And hey, while you’re doing that, unblock me too!

Welcome To: Our House available now.

Source: Write Flicks of Joe Budden Tv