All this week Joey Badass‘ Twitter mentions have been on fire after going toe to toe with Lil B in a rap beef that started over the popular social network and ended with diss tracks from the two toward each other.

Joey Badass was fed so much from Lil B‘s fans or as they call themselves “task force” that the upcoming emcee couldn’t handle it anymore and has deleted his Twitter account.

Before deleting his account Joey Badass sent out a few messages going at Lil B‘s fans and calling the “task force” homophobic slurs.

As the Lil B defending tweets continued rolling in, Joey Badass‘ anger built up and eventually he sent out his final words below before deleting his account.

I just wanna snuff somebody and delete my twitter.

Where is the love?

Lil B sure didn’t quit his day job. But did Joey?

Joey Badass‘ frustration was also seen on his Facebook account. Check out a screenshot of his Facebook timeline after the break.

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