Joey Badass Has Seen Enough Bill Cosby Slander

20 year old rapper Joey Badass took to Twitter this morning to vent his frustrations about the rape allegations of his idol, Bill Cosby.

The rapper went on a rant saying he’s against rape but the general public eats up anything the media feeds them. “You internet kids know NOTHING except what they put in front of you on these devices,” Joey Badass Tweeted. He then followed up with “Every media site can start slandering anyone at any moment with some half ass story and you guys will f*cking believe it.”

Um, I wonder if Joey knows Bill Cosby openly admitted to drugging women with Quaalude and Benodryl pills with the intent of having sex with them during a deposition.

But wait, there’s more! Read Joey Badass‘s full Bill Cosby supporting rant below.