Jose Guapo’s 9/11 Themed Cover Art Will Make Your Head Explode

Quality Control artist Jose Guapo is on the verge of releasing his latest mixtape Osama Bin Guapo. Today we get our first look at the mixtape cover for the project which is sure to stir up some controversy.

For the cover of “Osama Bin Guapo,” Jose Guapo is Photoshopped to resemble terrorist Osama Bin Laden — decked out in gold chains. Behind him, the twin towers can be seen blowing up with planes about to collide into them. Both of the buildings feature the Universal Music Group and Def Jam logos.

Jose Guapo is likely trying to show his frustrations with the labels on Osama Bin Guapo art, while keeping with the theme, but something tells us that Def Jam and UMG won’t be the only ones getting pissed off at this.