Justin Bieber channels Drake in “Heartbreaker

Justin Bieber has dropped the first showing of his upcoming album. Today marks the first in his #MusicMondays series of Monday releases from his fourth studio effort which supposedly holds the most personal records he’s ever recorded. We think it’s safe to assume that his song, titled ‘Heartbreaker‘ is an ode to his recent break up with celebrity ex Selena Gomez. The track also samples Eric Bellinger‘s “What You Want.”

What’s most notable about this single has to be the strong similarities to music by your other favorite Canadian artist, Drake. While listening to it we couldn’t help but think of “Bria’s Interlude” and “Brand New” among other Drizzy songs that make you want to call up the one that got away.  Even the artwork highly resembles ‘So Far Gone.’ Guess Champagne Papi is right when he says it all sounds like Drake featuring Drake.