Justin Bieber‘s crew were getting it on-and-poppin’ with a stranger outside of a Southhampton nightclub last Sunday claims TMZ. 22-year-old Wayne Rennalls, (alleged victim) says that he got the crap kicked out of him outside the nightclub parking lot, leaving him bloody and bruised.

See the aftermath of the beatdown below.


The scuffle erupted after Rennalls tried to holler at a girl he had been working on all night, apparently even giving her a bowtie as a love gesture. While chasing the waitress he then watched JB work his charm on the young lady. Bieber was working his white-skin Keith Sweat moves while Rennalls tried to c-block him and JB wasn’t having it.  That situation allegedly then caused the 1 vs entourage brawl outside of the nightclub (Really though!?).

Bieber’s crew is currently under investigation for the incident.