Watch K Camp’s XXL Freshman Freestyle

2015 XXL Freshman cover star K Camp is the latest rapper to spit some new bars in front of their cameras.

“When people sleep on me, I just look at it like, ‘Aight, I just keep doing me.’ I’m only getting better. They’re going to wake up eventually, when they hear this album. Me being from Atlanta, what Atlanta niggas know is that ratchet club shit. I can make that ratchet club shit easy, that’s just my environment. But when it comes down to really making the music and sitting down and writing lyrics, going in on production, just growing with the music, I can do both sides. I’m playing chess right now. I knew this shit was going to happen years ago, so I’m moving how I need to move. I do me. I don’t worry about no other nigga campaign, that’s something I’ve been doing.”