As if all of the hype surrounding Kanye West‘s upcoming album and SNL performance weren’t enough, is reporting that Kanye West is currently filming a cameo for the upcoming Anchorman: The Legend Continues movieReportedly, Ye hit a rooftop to shoot a scene with Christina Applegate and Paul RuddI’m really excited to see what character Yeezy has been cast as.

Check back for more details as they become available.

Update: A picture of Kanye West on set of Anchorman 2 has surfaced. In the pic, Kanye can be seen dressed as a news anchor–proving that he will not be starring as himself for a cameo in the film, but instead as a character.

Spoiler alert: Kanye will be apart of an original Anchorman style fight scene, with the Channel 4 news team.

Update #2: Added more pictures from the fight scene courtesy of Huff Post and KTT.

Update #3: Added the official trailer for the movie.

See the pictures and trailer below.