Kanye West‘s weekend hasn’t been going well so far.

On Friday (June 19), Mr. West had another not so great run-in with the paparazzi, which led into a little scuffle caught on tape. After exchanging words with an annoying pap at LAX, Kanye attempted to take the pap’s camera out of his hands and managed to get him into a really weak looking headlock. The scuffle, which isn’t even worthy of calling a fight is hilarious to watch, but it’s no joke to Yeezus‘ victim–who is pressing charges against him.

According to TMZ, Kanye West‘s paparazzi victim suffered injuries during the supposed attack and cops are referring this case to the D.A. as a felony attempted robbery, which is worse than a battery charge. Photos of “the victim” on a stretcher surfaced early in the story via social media and TMZ, making things look a lot worse than what was captured on tape.

But that’s not all. Yesterday morning (June 20), Kanye opened himself up to slander from Rap fans worldwide, when he took to Twitter making a pretty bold statement in an attempt to open a debate, saying his song “New Slaves” has the best Rap verse of all time. Specifically the track’s second verse, on which he raps about smashing a reporter’s camcorder. Lyrics below.

I throw these Maybach keys
I wear my heart on the sleeve
I know that we the new slaves
I see the blood on the leaves (x3)
I know that we the new slaves
I see the blood on the leaves
They throwin’ hate at me
Want me to stay at ease
Fuck you and your corporation
Y’all niggas can’t control me
I know that we the new slaves (x2)
I’m ’bout to wild the fuck out
I’m going Bobby Boucher
I know that pussy ain’t free
You niggas pussy, ain’t me
Y’all throwin’ contracts at me
You know that niggas can’t read
Throw ’em some Maybach keys
Fuck it, c’est la vie
I know that we the new slaves
Y’all niggas can’t fuck with me
Y’all niggas can’t fuck with Ye (x2)
I’ll move my family out the country
So you can’t see where I stay
So go and grab the reporters
So I can smash their recorders

See they’ll confuse us with some bullshit
Like the New World Order
Meanwhile the DEA
Teamed up with the CCA
They tryna lock niggas up
They tryna make new slaves
See that’s that privately owned prison
Get your piece today
They prolly all in the Hamptons
Bragging ’bout what they made
Fuck you and your Hampton house
I’ll fuck your Hampton spouse
Came on her Hampton blouse
And in her Hampton mouth
Y’all ’bout to turn shit up
I’m ’bout to tear shit down
I’m ’bout to air shit out
Now what the fuck they gon’ say now?

The best verse of all time? According to Yeezus, it is. But is Kanye really trying to start a debate? We don’t think so.

Kanye West could have just wanted the mainstream media to take notice of his “So go and grab the reporters / So I can smash their recorders,” line and did it in in a way where he’s reacting, without responding to the scuffle video backlash.

A large number of Rap fans went to war with Yeezy‘s mentions because of the powerful statement. Check out 10 of the best (and worst) responses to Kanye‘s tweet below.











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