As we speak Kanye West is performing at the Met Gala in NYC. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper is performing nothing but new material and the first track he performed was his long rumored new single “I Am A God.”

Social media is blowing up with pictures, vines, videos and more of the performance. We’ll update this post as new content arrives.

Update 1: After the break watch several brief clips of Kanye West performing “I Am A God.” The song sounds like it could be produced by Skrillex.

Update 2: Kanye West on stage called Kim Kardashian awesome. Watch the “touching” clip after the break.

Update 3: More clips after the break. Kanye performing another new track and “Clique.”

Stay tuned for more…

Kanye West Performing “I Am A God” At Met Gala

Kanye Calls Kim Kardashian Awesome

Kanye Performs An Unknown Track

Kanye Performing “Clique”

Kanye West Kim Kardashian Met Gala