Kanye West‘s recent four-part interview with Zane Lowe aired on BBC Radio 1 this week and caught the attention of Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy, who is known for his hilarious interviews with children decided to spoof the interview via a “kid (re) kreation.” The spoof features child versions of both Kanye and Zane drinking milkshakes and recreating Kanye‘s “leather jogging pants” rant and other quotable scenes from the interview. Well now it turns out Yeezus has taken offense the spoof and lashed out on his Twitter account, sharing his opinions with Jimmy Kimmel and the world. Watch the spoof and see Kanye‘s childish reaction below.

Update: Jimmy is now responding to Kanye‘s tweets. Those are included below as well. Is this a joke? Could Kanye be appearing on Kimmel later tonight? Stay tuned for more updates.

Update #2: Jimmy says this is not a prank and that he will explain the situation on his show tonight. Meanwhile Kanye is busy tweeting memes.

Update #3: Kanye is still going in on Twitter today. Added more Tweets, clearly he isn’t happy with the way things are going.

kanye west twitter rant

kanye twitter rant 2

jimmy responds to kanye

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