Thousands Crowd Manhattan To See Kanye West & G.O.O.D. Music

After Kanye West was scheduled to perform at Governor’s Ball in New York City last night and the show was cancelled due to weather, Kanye decided to announce an impromptu show at Webster’s Hall in Manhattan to make it up to fans that traveled to see him.

The show at Webster’s Hall never happened because after it was announced where the concert was thousands of people crowded around the building. Simply put, the location just couldn’t handle that many people. Thousands waited out front of Webster Hall in Manhattan’s East Village hoping to be let in, but after hours of wait, the show was cancelled and police were called.

A tweet from Kanye West announcing that the show was sold out (even though no tickets were actually sold) wouldn’t even make the crowd dwindle.

As a result of the rowdy crowds some cars were damaged but no acts of violence ensued and everyone got home safely.

Kanye West eventually made his exit and hung out the sunroof of his vehicle partying with concertgoers who stood out all night to see him.