Watch Kanye West’s Full Meeting With President Donald Trump

In a Make America Great Again hat he calls his superhero cape, Kanye West sat down for a public meeting with Donald Trump. Kanye West talked about issues involving race, violence in Chicago, Saturday Night Live, creating local jobs, freeing Larry Hoover, iPlane 1 concepts and much more.

Live from the Oval Office, Kanye West sat directly across from the most hated president of all time and explained why he supports him. The meeting played out like a lengthy rant from Kanye West that was filled with nothing but praise for Donald Trump. Kanye West opened with statements claiming black people are brainwashed to be democrats with promises of welfare and it went all downhill from there. He also spoke on not having a male father figure in his household and broke down why he didn’t support Hillary Clinton’s “I’m With Her” movement.

You can watch the entire meeting above, if you dare.

After the interview, many celebrities and former collaborated and supporters of Kanye West took to social media to express how they feel about the rapper.

T.I. went on a lengthy rant letting it be known he no longer supports Kanye West.

50 Cent made jokes about Kanye West’s meeting with Trump.

Diddy expressed angrily that he wants Kanye West to call him.