Looks like Theraflu has a bigger problem with “Theraflu” than we thought. Over on Kanye West’s official website, you can now download a track titled “Way Too Cold,” but it’s the same exact track that dropped last week under the name “Theraflu.” To download the track via Mr. West’s website, you have to pay for it, which is where the title probably became a problem. Theraflu already voiced their opinion on the track’s title and artwork, so there was probably no way possible that Kanye could put the song out for sale with the title “Theraflu” without causing some legal issues. Below is the new artwork for “Way Too Cold,” as well as the old artwork for when the track was titled “Theraflu.” Purchase “Way Too Cold ” right here.

Old Kanye West “Theraflu” single artwork:

New Kanye West “Theraflu” single artwork after the title was changed to “Way Too Cold”: