Here’s an update in the cringe-worthy story of Kanye West laying the smack down on a teenager at a Beverly Hills Chiropractor’s office earlier this month for calling Kim Kardashian a “ni**ger lover.” TMZ is reporting that Ye has settled out of court with that little sh*thead for an amount over $250,000.  Law enforcement sources have informed TMZ that the D.A. has not decided whether or not to charge Kanye with battery. Not shocked that the kid had no interest in showing his face in a courtroom.

Was it worth the $250k? Maybe to someone with Yeezus’ bank statement but when you consider his claims of superiority, enlightenment, clarity etc. it seems awfully hypocritical to get into a petty scrap with someone you openly consider below you. Don’t call yourself a god if you aren’t going to act like one.