Kanye West has been hard at work on a new album he plans to release on June 18th, and more details about the project slowly have been slipping out.

Today producer Symbolyc One, most known for his work on Kanye West‘s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy single “Power,” tweeted about an upcoming Kanye track that will feature Maybach Music Group member and fellow Def Jam recording artist Gunplay. Not much is known about the song S1 is referring to as a single, but according to the producer, when Kanye hears the final mix he just finished, Yeezy is going to go nuts.

It’s unknown why the producer tweeted this information, instead of contacting Kanye directly. Maybe this information just had to be seen by the public…or was it meant to be a direct message? A Kanye West and Gunplay collaboration? That’s gotta be different.

As of right now Symbolyc One‘s tweet has already been deleted and he tweeted a statement saying the song doesn’t exist…which just makes us think he accidentally publicly tweeted information meant to be sent as a DM to Malik Yusef, and the song does exist.

In coming weeks Kanye is expected to roll out new material from the upcoming album Hot 97‘s Peter Rosenberg described as “dark,” because the G.O.O.D. Music leader will perform on Saturday Night Live May 18th. With the reveal of a Kanye single featuring Rick Ross‘ controversial right hand man, could this lead to Gunplay also making an SNL appearance?

gunplay tweet 1

gunplay tweet 2

Screencaps via Pigeons And Planes.