Yesterday, MTV handed Kanye West the #7 spot on their Hottest MCs In The Game. Today, he called up Hot 97‘s DJ Enuff and gave his thoughts on the list. First he starts by saying he feels Big Sean should have been in the top 5 and that Lil Wayne is #1 in his opinion. Kanye claims he got #7 because of the criticism of the Cruel Summer compilation album.

Yeezy also goes on about how good his “Diamonds” remix verse was and his “lucky I ain’t have Jay drop him from the team” line from “Cold“.

Mr. West also speaks on how people liked “pink polo Kanye“, but now they hate the current “Givency and kilt wearing in a relationship Kanye“, before moving on to MTV journalist Sway, who he says he gave a TV to back in the day. In fact, Kanye says he got Sway his very first TV. Right after an angry Kanye then hangs up the phone.

Listen to the interview below.