Kanye West has cancelled the Australian leg of his Yeezus tour to finish up his new album–which today we learned is going to be titled Kanye Kardashian.

The album is being prepped for a Summer release to coincide with his wedding, and Kanye West already locked in collaborations with Drake, Skrillex, and Elton John–who will be featured on the first single titled “You’re Awesome.”

Kanye West has performed “You’re Awesome“–a track dedicated to his future wife Kim Kardashian live on numerous occasions, but for the final studio version of the track he went all out. It now features Elton John on the hook singing along with Kanye. Ye has two extended verses on which he recalls meeting Kim, the first time they hooked up, when he knew he was in love with her, and more. The final track sounds completely different from anything you may have already heard, and Kanye says he worked on it for more than 2 years.

Kanye West cancelled the Australian leg of his Yeezus tour because he wanted more time to record for the album–which he describes as his vows. The project is a complete dedication to Kim Kardashian and he wants to deliver the project to her and the world on their wedding night–when he takes her hand in marriage and her last name.

Kanye is partnering with iTunes for the Kanye Kardashian release, and a pre-order link will be available Friday.

The romantic ode to Kim Kardashian titled “You’re Awesome” will be released this Friday as well–when Kanye West brings back G.O.O.D. Fridays and VH1 announces the date when Kanye and Kim‘s wedding will be televised live.