Stream Kanye West’s New Troll Anthem “Lift Yourself”

Kanye West has been called erratic this week for strange behavior including wearing Make America Great Again hats signed by Donald Trump and supporting Candace Owens. The problematic behavior lead to a back and forth exchange between Ye and Hot 97/Beats Radio’s Ebro Darden. Ebro Darden was extremely vocal about the dangers of Kanye West supporting Candace Owens and told Hot 97 listeners that when he spoke to Kanye West, Ye doubled down on the Donald Trump support. Kanye even went as far to tell Ebro that he loves Donald Trump. After all the shenanigans and text message screenshots, Kanye West promised a song would be released tonight with bars for Ebro to take in. Well, Kanye West followed through with the promise and released “Lift Yourself.”

Lift Yourself is a short song with some hard hitting drums that resemble the drums from Jay-Z’s “Takeover” paired with a sample of Amnesty’s “Liberty.” The song is nothing more than an elaborate troll from Kanye West and he raps the most simple verse of all time.

Peep the amazing lyrics for “Lift Yourself” below:

Poop-de-di scoop / Scoop-de-di whoop
Whoopty scoopty poop / Poop-di scoopty
Scoopty whoop / Whoop-de-di scoop, whoop poop
Poop-de-di, scoop, whoop / Poop, poop
Scoop-de-di whoop / Whoop-de-di scoop
Whoop-de-di scoop, poop


If you want to stream “Lift Yourself,” you can do so below.

Kanye West is releasing his new studio album on June 1st. One week later, the legendary rapper will release Kids See Ghost — a collaboration album with longtime collaborator Kid Cudi.