The Life Of Pablo Has Changed

Kanye West‘s Tidal exclusive album will soon become available at retail and on other streaming services, but only on Jay-Z‘s streaming service will you get updated versions of the album. Late last night the album was updated on Tidal and Kanye fans on Reddit have already started keeping track of all the noticeable changes and putting together their own patch notes. Check out the Reddit/HipHopHeads patch notes below.

ULB: The choir is mixed better. Everyone’s vocals except Chance have a lot more reverb. New Chance line “No one can judge”

FSMH1: Background vocals at the end of Kanye’s verse and a little on the hook. The snare isn’t as loud as the original release. Beat is a lot more clear.

FSMH2: Way more full. fuck. Everything is a lot more prevalent. This is such a good mix.

Famous: Swizz’s adlibs on the bam bam outro aren’t as loud and they echo more.

Feedback: It’s shorter. Kanye’s vocals are more balanced with the beat now. The bass is also a lot more mixed. Beat is a lot more different in general.

Low Lights: Reverb and echos? I don’t see that much of a difference.

Highlights: Vocal’s now sit behind the beat. Thugs vocals are a lot more clear and less harsh.

freestyle 4 was changed at 0:45 (and each time this pops up) and at 1:38 there’s a new sound. – r/jewishbrick

I love Kanye: Noticably louder?

Waves: Kanye’s first verse is rerecorded. Lots more echos. The snare doesn’t make you deaf anymore! Thank you Kanye.

FML: Vocal’s are more mixed. They sit on top of the beat now. Background vocals added.

Real Friends: No change

Wolves: No change (Let’s hope he removes those off-beat drums in 1.3)

Frank’s track: No change

30 Hours: The shout out/adlib outro isn’t in time with the beat like it is in the original. I don’t know how no one on Kanye’s team noticed. He added the pause from the soundcloud version for the Victoria’s Secret line.

NMPILA: Transition to Facts is smooth. Not as jarring as it was before.

Facts: Piano line from MSG is back but is barely noticiable. Synths are a lot louder.

Fade: Way more minimal. The bass line is back too. More like the Yeezys SZN 2 performance. Doesn’t have all the cool sounds from the previous album version and the transitions aren’t as clean as before IMO. It actually ends with an outro instead of cutting off abruptly though.

If you want to hear the updated version of The Life Of Pablo, stream it on Tidal. The album hits iTunes and other digital outlets tomorrow, April, 1st.