Near the end of this month, a new website is launching called “VOYRwhich promises to show a behind the scenes look at celebrities such as Kanye West, for a monthly fee. Here is a teaser video for the website, featuring rare footage of Kanye West in the studio recording for Watch The Throne. During the brief teaser video, we get a sneak peek at Watch The Throne’s tracklist before it was finalized, featuring several tracks which did not make the cut. Maybe these unreleased tracks will pop up on Kanye’s yet to be announced next album, or better yet the upcoming G.O.O.D. Music compilation? We’ll have to wait and see. Watch the video, then get a closer look at that tentative track listing after the break. I just hope a full version of that Watch The Throne documentary will come out of this.

Update: More details about VOYR have been revealed.  Click here to sign up to VOYR and read after the jump to see what VOYR is all about.  For 5.99$ a month subscribers will be able to experience Kanye West and Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne tour at “720 degrees”, whatever that means.

watch the throne early track listing

There are music fans. And there are true fans.
Which one are you?
Fans download the single. True fans know the whole album.
Fans trip on the myth. True fans understand the reality.

VOYR is your all-access pass to behind the scenes at Kanye West and Jay-Z’s Watch the Throne tour. It’s a daily video document of all of the actual hard work that goes into living life at Kanye’s level.

It’s not about models and bottles. It’s about working hard, from the moment the sun rises, until you just can’t push your body any further. If you want hype, just stay with the music mags and blogs that you already read. If you want to understand the reality of this business from the inside, come inside. We’ve got a seat for you.

Five episodes a week. Live from the tour. And you’ll join a community of hustlers that understand how the industry works and are ready to take their involvement to the next level.