Despite being in 2 commercials for the show, Kanye West won’t be at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. According to a British tabloid Kanye West will not be at MTV‘s popular Video Music Awards show tonight. Kanye decided to stick by his woman, Kim Kardashian and attend Fashion’s Night Out with her instead and help promote her new fragrance.

Kim‘s in New York for her fragrance launch and Kanye didn’t want to go to the VMAs if she couldn’t be there,” a source told London’s Daily Mail.

While London’s Daily Mail is reporting that Kanye West dropped out last minute, that piece of news is actually untrue according to NY Daily News, who confirmed with Kanye West‘s rep that he was never actually scheduled to be on the show.

But do we believe he was never actually scheduled to be there, even as a surprise? After all Kanye West was featured in two commercials for the show, one with Kim Kardashian by his side joking with Kevin Hart and another which we stumbled on this morning where Kanye talks about performing.

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