Jean Touitou of A.P.C. Paris has given us another look at Kanye West‘s Yeezus album artwork, in the form of an ad featuring the album’s disc in packaging that doesn’t don the melting gold seen in previous Yeezus album packaging images that surfaced the net.

The new ad features the Yeezus album disc with nothing but copyright text on it, in an empty jewel case…or what appears to be an empty jewel case covered with red tape with the album’s title. The ad also shows the June 18th release date, and says there will be no pre orders. Please purchase.

A few different variations of the Yeezus artwork have appeared online. While all appear similar, the gold imagery changes, or in this case is completely absent. This got me thinking…could Kanye West‘s entire Yeezus album packaging be Lenticular? If you don’t know what that is, Watch this.

Kanye‘s Donda art team created packaging for a special edition of Lil Wayne‘s I Am Not A Human Being II album featuring Lenticular Printing. Could Kanye have gone the same route, or will Yeezus sport a few different looks? I’ll go with Lenticular.

Check out the full YeezusNo Pre Order” Album Ad after the cut.

Jean Touitou is a friend of Kanye West and almost collaborated on clothing with him some years ago.

Kanye West Yeezus No Pre Order Ad

Yeezus is available June 18. Want to pre order it? Good luck.