22 year old artist Kay Sav releases “STUCK” featuring Tah G Ali. The track showcases Kay Sav‘s diverse flow, which separates him from other artists out today all while waving his middle finger at the world. This mentality could be brought on by his upbringing in New Jersey and Chicago.

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STUCK – Every individual has dual personalities. The personality we exhibit when completely sober, and the personality we show when under the influence. The personalities of those under the influence, vary just as much as those sober. Some people become violent, some become mellow, and some don’t even provide the time for a character assessment because they fall asleep. STUCK highlights a few of these personalities as well as the feelings that encompass them. Possessing a feel good sound while showcasing the no filter, middle finger to the world mentality that comes with being under the influence, STUCK provides insight into the mind of one who is “Turnt Up”. So after a night of partying, your friend says “Your acting different” reply…”I’m STUCK