Kendrick Lamar performed a live set at Williamsburg Park in Brooklyn, New York tonight. During his set, Kendrick took a moment out of his showtime to rant a bit. The self-proclaimed King of New York aimed most of his words at Meek Mill.

AllHipHop live tweeted Kendrick‘s words as he ranted, dissing Meek Mill of MMG and telling the audience he’s got no time for irrelevant, new rappers.

Now with footage! Watch Kendrick diss Meek below.


It’s safe to say the Kendrick Lamar and Meek Mill beef is on.

Shortly after Meek Mill got wind of what King Kendrick said live, the Philly rapper responded on his Twitter account.


Meek Mill is one of the many rappers Kendrick Lamar called out on his fiery Control” verse that released last month. Meek Mill took his time, but responded a month later with “Ooh Kill Em.”

Both rappers are no stranger of one another. Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar collaborated on the Dreamchasers 2 song “A1 Everything.” Watch the studio session for “A1 Everything” below.