Although Kendrick Lamar hasn’t had much to say to the media since his problems with GQ last year, he did take some time out recently to talk to The Hollywood Reporter about his forthcoming album, his infamous “Control” verse, what he’s learned from Kanye West, not wanting to flood good kid m.A.A.d city with big name features and reveals that he is performing a duet with pop-rock group Imagine Dragons at the 56th Annual GRAMMY awards this Sunday. The issue hits newsstands January 31st, read the full story here. Additionally THR released an interview video in which K.Dot speaks on his current favorite bands and touches on his highly-anticipated GKMC  follow up a little further.

On his next album:

I got ideas, I haven’t really locked in the studio yet. Really challenge myself to do something better. I mean, of course you want to do better than your last. But creatively, I want to be in another space. That’s the challenge, if anything.

On “Control”:

It wasn’t pre-meditated, it just came to me when I was writing that bar,” says Lamar. “The crazy part is, I didn’t think it would ever go to where diss records were coming at me. I thought people would be like… he threw some challenges out there… that was dope. Kanye taught me to never to downplay your ideas. I learned to always stay as creative as possible and never have any boundaries. Those things that people called ‘rants’ on-stage are real conversations that we had behind closed doors — about business and how when you get to a certain level people won’t want to see you break through because they only see you as a rapper.

On his Grammy nominations:

I was actually on stage, so I had no idea. Everybody else knew but me. By the time I got off I kinda got the news late. It was a great feeling, everybody was happy, excited. We celebrated in that dressing room.

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