Listen To Untitled Unmastered The New Album By Kendrick Lamar

Surprise! Kendrick Lamar just released a new album called Untitled Unmastered. The album features 8 songs by Cornrow Kenny recorded since 2014 (up until now) that have went without a title and never made it to one of his albums. The project is compiled of thoughts and genius level lyricism that Kendrick Lamar makes look efortless. Just like the title reads, the songs are unmastered but by no means does that make a difference here. Kendrick’s messages still will make your brain bubble and the project is worth the listen.

Previously Untitles verses that Kendrick performed live, including the one he did on Stephen Colbert’s last Daily Show episode and the one from his 2016 Grammys performance appears on the album.

Listen below.

Or you can stream the album on Apple Music.