Kevin Gates sat down for an interview with MTV and explains why he didn’t sign with Cash Money. He says he was inspired by Birdman building his own brand over the years and wanted to do that himself instead of having it handed to him. He ended up signing with Atlantic Records, which has allowed him to build his company Bread Winners Association.

“I’m around Birdman, and it’s like I got the world right here in my hands. One song, one look [and] I’m in the paint forever. I listened to Birdman talk about how it got it out the mud and how it took him 20 years to build his brand. That inspired me. I don’t want no handouts, I want to get it out the mud. It was kind of like ‘8 Mile’ a little bit. Atlantic reached out to us, and we’re like we got BWA, we got our own brand. They were like ‘We like artists with their own brand.'”

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