Kid Cudi as he often does, took to Twitter yesterday to get some things off his chest. This time it was about what he feels is a lack of label support. Mr. Rager was definitely raging as he sent a half dozen tweets of verbal diarrhea from his computer. He even went as far as to threaten leaving his current deal if things don’t change.

Is it that Cudi isn’t getting the spins he deserves or does it have something to do with a lack of inspiration from him lately? He claims in his tweets that it isn’t about the money , but has no problem playing the look at me I’m a tortured soul card while spewing irrelevant numbers. Perhaps Mr. Mescudi’s time in the spotlight has come to an end? He has been a mainstream staple for almost 5 years now, despite not having a hit as popular as his breakout single “Day ‘N’ Night“.

It is a label conspiracy or a dwindling fan base? You decide. Either way, it’s hard for me to believe Scott Mescudi is honestly sitting at home counting Youtube views. Times are tough.

Check out Kid Cudi‘s label rant below.