New Music Coming From Lana Del Rey And The Weeknd

Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd have hinted at new material on social media. Today we found out what the two were hinting at, thanks to ASCAP. Lana Del Rey has a new single titled “Lust For Life” set to début soon. It’s likely to feature The Weeknd or Abel at least wrote the song.

lust for life lana del rey the weeknd

Lust For Life” with an Abel Tesfaye writing credit was registered to ASCAP’s database. Fans of Lana Del Rey were quick to pick up on it after Lana tweeted out “XO“.

Lana Del Rey previously appeared on The Weeknd’s “Stargirl Interlude”.

UPDATE: Apparently Lust For Life is the name of Lana Del Rey’s new album. She dropped a teaser trailer for her new record. Peep it below.

Stay tuned to Rap Dose for a stream of Lana Del Rey & The Weeknd’s “Lust For Life”.