Here we have a release date not involving music that rap fans care about this holiday season. After beating murder charges but getting busted for drugs, Lil Boosie now appears to be nearing freedom. Nola reports that Boosie’s release date has been pushed up to August 18th, 2014. He will remain on supervision until June 17th, 2018.

UPDATE:  According to Ebro, Boosie is set to be released from prison on Feb. 13th, much sooner than originally expected. He has been in jail since 2009 for a third-offense marijuana possession charge, as well as a probation violation. In 2011 he plead guilty to attempting to smuggle drugs into prison. Hopefully the rumors are true and we will see him in time for Valentine’s Day. WHAT A LUCKY GUY. Boosie himself adds to the speculation with this recent tweet.

UPDATE #2: Apparently not so lucky after all, Boosie’s parole hearing has been pushed back over BS bureaucratic practices and the fact it was so close to his actual release date. Friends, family, and fans won’t have to be wait much longer than a few weeks so just hold tight.

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