According to HipHopEnquirer, Lil Boosie will be released from prison by the middle of February after it was discovered that he was set up on drug charges.

Investigators said Boosie tried to smuggle drugs into Dixon Correctional Center once and into Angola State Penitentiary twice. However according to the source, the rapper has previously admitted having a substance abuse problem and a police informant offered to provide him with syrup in exchange for his services. Those on Lil Boosie‘s side, claim that it is almost impossible for someone with a substance abuse problem to turn down an offer like that in a controlled environment such as prison. In case you need help in dealing with substance abuse that is affecting you or a loved one, know that there is a wealth of substance abuse resources online that can provide all the information you need. After beating his 1st degree murder case, Boosie is now set to be released from prison in less than 60 days.

More as the story develops.