Lil Boosie or as he calls himself “Boosie Boo” has sent a fan of his a letter straight from his jail cell urging the fan and others to give up smoking “Maryjuana” and trying to live his Ballin’ lifestyle after the fans’ parents sent Boosie a letter to him about their child being caught smoking. While the letter Boosie sent was in good spirits, I still feel like any grown man who don’t know how to spell a drug they claim they’re addicted to deserves to be there. Not to mention Lil Boosie killed a man. But still somebody please give Boosie library access so he can spell his favorite drug properly. It’s Marijuana if any of you kind fans want to mail “Boosie Boo” a letter informing him of his grammar mistakes. Or at-least teach him how to dot his I’s and J’s if that was the mistake. Maybe his friend “Donkey” can teach him how. Yep, Boosie has a friend named “Donkey”. Video and letter after the break.

lil boosie letter form jail maryuana