Lil Debbie has plans to release a new EP on March 25th titled California Sweetheart. The former White Girl Mob member explains the project to Billboard below and check out the artwork above.

“‘California Sweetheart’ is me. It’s not White Girl Mob, it’s not Riff Raff… It’s me, all by myself. that’s rare,” she tells The Juice. “I believe in making catchy music, not cheesy music. My shit is funny. They’re going to get stuck in your head.

I’m very sarcastic, I’m witty. I’m smoking weed most of the day. I think people get on the Internet and talk shit because they don’t really know who I am. I think this project is, finally, a full body of myself.

There’s some songs on there about heartbreak — about your man playing you, going and fucking another bitch, then coming and trying to fuck with you. There’s also songs about, ‘Do I like bitches or do I not like bitches?’ It’s stuff that girls can relate to.”