Lil Durk’s latest mugshot

Chicago rapper Lil Durk was arrested this morning for possession of illegal firearms. According to The Chicago Tribune, police officers went to Lil Durk‘s home and found two loaded handguns and ammunition. He is currently on probation from a previous weapons charge. He was caught with a .40 caliber handgun in his vehicle not too long ago.

At a hearing today, Lil Durk was seen smiling at his wife and two sisters before being put into lock-up. His wife said “he’s not guilty” outside of the courtroom, and “he’s happy his family was here supporting him but not happy being here.”

Lil Durk is 22 years old, and his real name is Durk Banks. His attorney, Sam Adam Jr., argued that Durk should be released, because in three weeks he is set to go on a world tour. He also let it be known that Lil Durk supports three children and the weapons found were not “on his person or in his possession.”

In the police report, Lil Durk is quoted as saying “I got those pipes (guns) ’cause (expletive) always be tryin’ to take my bands (money).”