Lil Wayne has had a turbulent couple of years in and out of jail, the hospital and the spotlight. 2012 wasn’t kind to the YMCMB mainstay with many fans saying he had fallen off  and speculating that his career was over. This year hasn’t gotten off to a great start either. A few days ago, Lil Wayne suffered multiple seizures and was rushed to intensive care where he remained for six days. If you thought people speculating about his career being over was bad, many people were reporting Wayne was dead or going to die. How morbid is that?

Despite all of the drama, lawsuits, and health issues Weezy does what he does best and continues to push out new music. Recently we got his video for “Bitches Love Me” featuring Drake and Future, and an appearance from him on “Tap Out” with Birdman, Nicki Minaj, Mack Maine and Future.

With the release of the sequel to his I Am Not A Human Being project coming in a few days I decided to take some time to do a much needed track by track review for those who are still on the fence about whether or not to add part two to their collection. We’ve been waiting a while on this one. The album’s first official single, “My Homies Still” featuring Big Sean premiered all the way back on June 1st, 2012. Watch the video here.

Featuring 18 tracks in total with guest appearances from 2 Chainz, Gunplay, Juicy J, Drake, Future, Nicki Minaj and more there is plenty to talk about so without further ado let’s get into the music.

lil wayne i am not a human being II review

I Am Not A Human Being II kicks off with “IANAHB“, a wordy, piano-driven record that certainly isn’t what I would have expected to hear out of the gate. This song definitely won’t see play in the clubs but it’s interesting to see Wayne’s versatility on an instrumental like this.

Once the piano dies down Tunechi comes back with his second track “Curtains” featuring Boo. This one leaked months ago but blogs were forced to take it down once the DMCA notices landed in everyone’s inboxes. It was originally posted under the title “I Ain’t Nervous” which made people think it wouldn’t appear on I Am Not A Human Being II when they saw the initial tracklist without it.

Next up is “Days And Days” featuring 2 Chainz. The first of two songs featuring the artist formerly known as Tity Boi does not disappoint as the two MCs spit fire verses at each other. The beat is something the ladies will have no problem getting down to and I could easily see “Days And Days” getting the video treatment.

Track four is titled “Gunwalk” and features YMCMB‘s Gudda Gudda who manages to tarnish this otherwise perfect Juicy J-produced record. They really have to stop pushing that dude, so many rappers could have done more with the beat. I’m heading to Twitter to beg Wayne for a remix.

Once Gudda Gudda is done with his awful verse we hear the familiar “No Worries” featuring Detail who also crafted the instrumental. This is the 2nd official I Am Not A Human Being II single but it was also featured on Wayne’s free Dedication 4 mixtape. The music video premiered on MTV on November 21, 2012. Check it out below.

Following “No Worries” is “Back To You” which is a major miss in my books. Remember Rebirth? Yeah, this should have been on it. Nothing new here. With lyrics like “Yeah I do my dirt, but that’s for the flowers to grow in” this record is very skippable.

Juicy J and Crazy Mike handle the production on the Soulja Boy-assisted track “Trigger Finger.” At this point in the album I feel this is the strongest offering we’ve received. It’s also been rumored recently that YMCMB is trying to sign Soulja Boy. They haven’t had much success with converting artists like this lately.  Bow Wow has been with YMCMB for a while now and he still hasn’t put his album out.

After that nice surprise we get hit with “Beat The Sh*t” featuring MMG‘s Gunplay. I’m really glad to see these two working together and Gunplay seemed really inspired to perform on this track. I wish they would have tossed him a few more bars but hopefully we will see more collaborations like this soon. “Beat The Sh*t” has tons of replay value.

The second 2 Chainz featured track “Rich As F*ck” kicks off the latter half of the album. Plenty of people have heard this joint, it’s been around for awhile and everyone knows it’s nice. Not much to discuss here but much like “Days And Days” I wanna see a video for this banger.

Juicy J is back with another hot instrumental on “Trippy” but he’s not alone as Crazy Mike offers a helping hand on the boards. New Orleans and Memphis rap legends unite on a godly tune that will blow the roof off your house. I’m going to have to play this about a dozen times before I go onto the next song. Head to your local strip club and request this right away.

Straight heat for four in a row and I Am Not A Human Being II shows no signs of slowing down with the next track which is known by three different titles. Originally to be named “Good Kush & Alcohol“, then changed to “Bitches Love Me” and the more radio friendly version “Love Me” this is another record that has already gotten the visual treatment. Honestly though, with both Future and Drake on the hook how could it fail? The streak of consecutive bangers is now up to five. Produced by Mike Will Made It.

Up next is “Romance” which slows the tempo down much to my dismay. You also get hit with so many awful lyrics in such a short period of time you won’t know what just happened to you. “I stand up in that pussy like a sunroof”. This is a song where Lil Wayne tells you the definition of romance. Rrrrrrrighhht.

The introspective “God Bless Amerika” gets us back on track with a mesmerizing beat. This is one of the most honest and down to earth efforts on the project, reminding us that despite the title of the album Wayne is still indeed a human being. Late night car ride music at it’s finest.

Soulja Boy lays down his second beat of the album on “Wowzers” featuring Trina. A pretty sub-par effort all-around leaves me wondering if there wasn’t a better song that could have been included instead, perhaps “Staring At The World“?

The final version of the regular version of  I Am Not A Human Being II comes to a close with “Hello” a song that sounds inspired by YMCMB artists Limp Bizkit. Not a good look at all.  We had enough of this when we heard “Ready To Go“.

The first iTunes bonus track comes in the form of a Diplo-produced cut “Lay It Down” featuring team members Nicki Minaj and Cory Gunz. Nicki sounded really nice on this making me think she should hit the studio for a long session with the famous EDM producer.

When I saw this next song I couldn’t help but shake my head. Earlier I compared “Back To You” to songs from Tunechi’s terrible Rebirth project and here as the second bonus we get a remix to the lead single from that album “Hot Revolver” now featuring Dre of Cool & Dre, the Miami based production team behind the beat. Ouch.

Last but not least is “My Homies Still” featuring Big Sean. I mentioned at the beginning of the article this was the first official single off I Am Not A Human Being II, with it’s video dropping LAST summer. Big Sean had a great 2012 so it’s no wonder this joint has been buzzing for a while. Great song to wrap up an album with.

I Am Not A Human Being II is by no means a perfect album, but it is another nice milestone in Lil Wayne‘s career. This is hit tenth studio disc, a feat most artists never achieve. Considering how he could have died just prior to it’s release, this project should serve as a reminder that life is precious and we are lucky to have musicians who give their lives to the game.


Timeless Tracks: Trippy, Bitches Love Me

Pros: Tons of strong features, versatile beat selection, long tracklist

Cons: Too many sappy pop and rock tracks.