After a few health scares over the past week, Young Money/Cash  Money rapper Lil Wayne has officially been released from the hospital.

A lot of stories passed through the internet about Lil Wayne‘s life over the last 7 days but now everything seems to really be okay.

Lil Wayne found himself in the hospital after experiencing a couple of seizures days apart, and many believe the seizures were caused by “sizzurp” (a fruity beverage mixed with Promethazine with Codeine syrup), but longtime partner Birdman shot down those beliefs, saying Weezy‘s seizures weren’t caused by drugs. Even after Birdman speaking out, many still believe that drugs were the reason behind Weezy‘s hospital visits.

Lil Wayne was from Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Hollywood, California and a full recovery is expected but until then TMZ says Weezy is going to take things slow and lay low.

Get well soon, Weezy!