Now, now, it’s not what it sounds like. But before mediatakeout or TMZ get ahold of this topic., let’s clarify. During Lil Wayne’s recent interview with Rolling Stone, he discussed the record with Chris Brown (and Busta Rhymes), “Look At Me Now”. Wayne originally wanted the song for his upcoming LP, Tha Carter IV, but he decided against it, with the following reason:

“I cannot have Chris Brown rapping on Tha Carter IV.”

The rapper went on to say:

“He ain’t sound bad. He’s spitting. But come on, man! Do you know how many rappers would be like, ‘I can’t get on Tha Carter IV, but this ni**a put Chris Brown on that bitch? Rapping?”

“Look At Me Now” will be appearing on Chris Brown’s album, F.A.M.E., dropping sometime in 2011.

“You can’t take a ni**a’s song and take him off of it. That’s saying a whole lot. That’s like telling him, ‘I think this shit is hotter without you’. I would feel played if a ni**a did me that way.”

Source: Rap-Up