Private Airline To Weezy: “Pay Up!”

Lil Wayne‘s week is off to a rough start. Just after rumors surfaced on the gossip blogs that his relationship with Christina Milian has come to an end, Weezy has found himself in legal trouble once again. This time Weezy isn’t getting sued by a producer who wants his royalties, or demanding Birdman gives him his fair share. Instead Lil Wayne finds himself at the other end of a legal battle with private airline, Signature Group.

According to Signature Group, Lil Wayne has been flying privately with them for years, but hasn’t actually been paying them to fly high. So after trying to get Weezy‘s attention for several years, it’s become time for the airline to get paid by any means necessary. So with a fresh lawsuit in place, Signature Group has been awarded $1 Million in court and are going after another million for their lawyer fees.

But there is some good news. After being on a losing streak only a mother could love and releasing 2 full-length projects that weren’t up to par, Lil Wayne is getting back to releasing fire — as you can tell from his latest release “What You Sayin“.