Lil Wayne has landed himself in legal trouble yet again. LA Weekly reports that Los Angeles promoter Alfredo Marino is preparing to sue Weezy over an alleged assault. Marino claims that in May 2012, a member of the YMCMB rapper’s entourage struck him over the head with a skateboard.

Marino says he saw Lil Wayne and his crew skateboarding in Los Angeles and approached them with the hopes of getting a picture taken with the rapper. After multiple requests Tunechi became agitated and ordered one of his bodyguards to attack him.

“I was star-struck,” Marino told LA Weekly. “I was like ‘Cool, cool, cool!’…[his bodyguards] started tripping and saying, ‘I told you that Lil Wayne does not want to be bothered.’ I told them I have taken pictures of tons of people and I just want to show my friends that I saw Lil Wayne. They started calling me a ‘groupie’ and I said, ‘I ain’t no groupie’…Lil Wayne had enough, I guess, and he rolled up on a skateboard and he said, ‘Alright motherf*cker, you want to take a picture like a groupie? Like a little bitch? Like a little girl? Is that what you want?'”.

He added, “I couldn’t believe he was telling me this. I actually started laughing. I didn’t take it seriously. I told him I just wanted a picture and that I’m a promoter. But he said, ‘I don’t want to hear that sh*t. You’re nothing but a groupie bitch to me.'”

A member of Wayne’s entourage then struck Marino over the head with the skateboard, knocking him unconscious. He was later treated at a nearby hospital for a concussion and vertigo.

This isn’t the first time Lil Wayne‘s crew has been accused of assault. Last year his bodyguards were accused of attacking a photographer in Miami while he was skateboarding. Seems Wayne gets a little sensitive when he’s standing on four wheels.

More as the story develops.