Lil Wayne is suing Quincy Jones III for a documentary he released about Wayne a few years ago titled The Carter which he calls a “scandalous portrayal.” Somehow TMZ has managed to obtain video of Weezy‘s deposition in a courtroom, before a judge, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Watch as Weezy answers questions in a way only he can, pretending he has memory loss, saying he’s a psychic and even making threats in the courtroom to Quincy‘s lawyer Pete Ross, proving he does not give a single f*ck. This man surely doesn’t have “No Worries“.

Videos after the break.

Lawyer asks Weezy: “Did you perform at the Virgin Mobile Music Fest in 2008 with Kanye West? Weezy answers: “I don’t know but I  know I did perform at this bad ass b*tch birthday party recently, she was crazy, stupid thick.”

“I don’t know” – Lil Wayne is a psychic suffering from recent memory loss

“He can’t save you in the real world” – Lil Wayne threatens lawyer Pete Ross