The most important night for the music industry will be broadcasted live tonight, but we will be providing an in-depth live blog of the show. Look out for a live analysis of every performance as well as who takes home each golden gramophone. The show kicks off at 8pm eastern time but you can expect steady updates up until the shows start time. Hit the refresh button for constant updates.

Live blog now over. Check out everything that went down at the show below as well as some impressions regarding the performances!

[18:33] : Usher wins best male R&B vocal performance for “There Goes My Baby”

[18:34] : Eminem wins best rap solo performance for “Not Afraid”

[18:35] : Jay-Z and Alicia Keys take best rap/sung performance AND best rap song for “Empire State of Mind”

[18:37] : Best contemporary R&B album goes to Usher for Raymond Vs. Raymond

[18:39] : John Legend and The Roots take best R&B album

[18:42] : Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz take best rap performance by a duo or group for “On To The Next One”

[18:43] : Jay-Z with 3 grammy awards already. Expect Eminem to take home some of the bigger ones.

[18:54] : Nicki Minaj’s outfit is wild. She has her signature cotton candy hair along with a leopard print material wrapped tightly onto her body. I kind of like it?

[19:03] : Drakes date for the night is his mother, Mrs. Graham. She seemed very excited, and confirmed that Drake is indeed playing A PERSON in his upcoming film…

[19:10] : Lady GaGa’s embryo will probably be the most talked about anything grammy-wise tomorrow. More so than her meat dress was.

[19:15] Swizz Beatz on the carpet by himself tonight, rocking leopard print as well.

[19:17] : John Legend says he found out about his awards from earlier via Twitter…the wonders of the internet.

[19:23] : B.o.B talking about his mix tape, No Genre, and sophomore album on the carpet…reveals he will be alone on valentines day.

[19:29] : Justin Bieber, Katy Perry have just arrived on the carpet.

[19:33] : Diddy expects “Coming Home” to hit double platinum within two weeks, has sold 1.7 million copies so far.

[19:38] : Justin Bieber walking off the podium…”Swag.” Can’t argue with that…

[19:40] : Diddy just slapped Swizz Beatz’s ear live on the carpert! Everyone, ass on the floor now!

[19:54] : Rihanna looks really odd. Her hair is giving her sort of a manly look if you ask me…

[19:56] : Red carpet is pretty much cleared out. Four minutes until show time.

[20:02] : Tribute to Aretha Franklin to open the show, followed by LL Cool J on stage for a speech.

[20:04] : Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson and others performing Aretha’s music on-stage as a tribute.

[20:06] : Crazy vocal performance from Aguilera!

[20:10] : Hudson did “Respect” justice.

[20:16] : Commercial break. Show stopping Lady GaGa performance to follow soon!

[20:21] : Grammy for best pop duo goes to Train for “Hey Soul Sister” (Live)

[20:23] : Lady Gaga performance now, this should be interesting!

[20:26] : Gaga looking and sounding great.

[20:28] : She plays a small number on the keys, dancers strip, end of performance! Was expecting a bit more…

[20:34] : Miranda Lambert performing on stage now.

[20:40] : Now a performance from Muse, introduced by Lenny Kravitz.

[20:43] : Hearing the Eminem performance is going to be very special. We shall see.

[20:45] : Usher & Justin Bieber performance should also be really cool.

[20:51] : Bruno Mars, B.o.B, and Janelle Monae performing a beautiful rendition of “Nothing on You” right now.

[20:54] : Black and white Bruno Mars performance now…why not. Looks really cool on the TV.

[20:55] : B.o.B brought back the monicle!

[20:56] : Janelle Monae giving a great performance with Bruno Mars on the drums and B.o.B on guitar. She crowd surfs over a small chasm.

[20:57] : And Monae throws the mic stand to the ground!…..but why?

[21:00] : Miranda Lambert wins best female country vocal performance.

[21:07] : Clip plays of first time Justin Bieber sings for Usher. Bieber now performing acoustic rendition of “Baby”

[21:08] : Ninja drummers come out, Bieber now singing “Never Say Never”…with ninjas doing flips on stage…

[21:10] : Jaden Smith appears on stage with Bieber, somewhat rapping.

[21:11] : Usher now on stage performing “OMG”

[21:13] : Bieber and Usher dancing next to each other, make for a very smooth duo, and performance ends! Usher is mad sweaty!

[21:15] : Grammy for best rock album goes to Muse for The Resistance.

[21:22] : Award for best pop vocal album goes to Lady Gaga for The Fame Monster.

[21:24] : Top 10 list for ‘Surprises at the 2011 Grammy Awards’…some pretty good jokes.

[21:26] : Mumford & Sons with Bob Dylan performing on stage now.

[21:35] : Commercial break…Cee Lo Green performance coming up soon.

[21:43] : Lady Antebellum on stage now. Performing their hit “Need You Now”

[21:46] : Grammy for best country album goes to Lady Antebellum for Need You Now.

[21:47] : Jaime Fox on stage to introduce Cee Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow.

[21:50] : Well, Cee Lo wins the award for craziest performance and outfit so far: rainbow feathers, red feathers covering entire body, armored chest plate, blinged out head piece, with about a dozen puppets on stage to accompany him! Paltrow on top of piano.

[21:58] : Katy Perry performing on stage now, being lifted by a glowing swing.

[22:04] : Award for song of the year coming now.

[22:06] : Grammy for song of the year goes to Lady Antebellum for “Need You Now”

[22:07] : Eminem performance coming up!

[22:13] : Eminem, Adam Levine, Rihanna, Dr. Dre, Skylar Grey – get ready!

[22:14] : Rihanna singing “Love The Way You Lie” with Levine on piano.

[22:15] : Eminem comes out of the flames rapping, meets with Rihanna.

[22:17] : Skylar Grey sings the intro/chorus to “I Need A Doctor”, Eminem rapping the first verse.

[22:18] : Eminem’s energy is insane, very emotionally invested as always.

[22:20] : Dr. Dre comes on stage to join Eminem and Grey to recite his verse, performance over!

[22:21] : One of the biggest awards now…best new artist.

[22:22] : Grammy for best new artist goes to Esperanza Spalding.

[22:23] : I’m sure that was very unexpected by…everyone.

[22:32] : Some of musics greats who have passed away the past year are being remembered now.

[22:36] : Mick Jagger performing on stage now.

[22:47] : Barbra Streisand performing on stage now, MusiCares person of the year.

[22:50] : Nicki Minaj and Will.I.Am on stage now to present the award for best rap album!

[22:52] : The Grammy for best rap album goes to Eminem for Recovery!

[22:54] : No one deserved that more than Eminem, congrats to Slim Shady.

[22:59] : Diddy on stage to introduce Rihanna and Drake, who are preforming “What’s My Name”

[23:01] : Rihanna sounds terrible live, and probably always will.

[23:02] : Oh, she just brought the bongos out…fire goes out, performance over!

[23:03] : J-Lo and hubby on stage to present award for record of the year, big award.

[23:05] : The Grammy for record of the year goes to Lady Antebellum for “Need You Now”

[23:05] : Big night for Lady A!

[23:15] : Arcade Fire performing on stage now.

[23:16] : The big award is up next – album of the year!

[23:24] : The Grammy for album of the year goes to Arcade Fire for The Suburbs!

[23:24] : Arcade Fire on stage again to preform another song. That’s all for the show!

[23:26] : Hope you enjoyed the live blog as well as our live stream of The Grammys! You can watch the whole show here.